A small black and tan daschund with a white woman wearing a woolly hat.

Dog Talking and Walking Research, online survey, interviews and everyday observation.


The purpose is to gain information relating to dogs as animal companions and mental and physical well-being.

The study aims to understand:

  • how communication and human activity with dogs has changed during the pandemic
  • the extent to which dogs support human social interaction
  • how dogs support physical activity in different groups of adults.


Professor Elizabeth Peel is a psychology researcher at Loughborough University, UK

The Dog Talking and Walking Research is an exciting new project for 2022-2023.

They specialize in communication and social interaction and have conducted social psychology research for over 20 years on diverse topics including sexualities, relationships, and chronic illnesses affecting older people like dementia. She has published one article on dogs in the past, which you can read in the British Journal of General Practice HERE.

Take part by being interviewed and/or recording your everyday life with your dog.

A beagle pictured with a young woman in a wheelchair

Any adult with a dog is welcome to take part, though

People living with dementia, mild cognitive impairment, or a learning difference / disability

People of Colour / BAME heritage

LGBTQI+ people

Men or male identified people

People who lost or got a dog during the pandemic

People living in all parts of the UK

are ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGED to participate.

Thanks to the 680 people who took part in the online survey. A summary of the findings will be available soon.

Contact: e.peel@lboro.ac.uk
Telephone: 01509 228176
Twitter @profpeel

Favourable Ethical Review from Loughborough University School of Social Sciences and Humanities Ethics Sub-Committee 8/4/2022

Project ID: 8354 8383

Copyright: Elizabeth Peel, June 2022

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